HR, Benefits & Payroll Administration

Supporting the HR function of a NYC boutique hotel


1 location and ~200 employees


Williamsburg/Brooklyn, NY

Our Challenge

A longtime client of Empowered Hospitality, a New York boutique hotel first utilized our services in 2017, when we provided HR training for a new generalist with deep operations experience but limited HR knowledge. Over the next few years, that generalist developed into a director-level role at the hotel, utilizing expert support and guidance from E|H throughout her tenure. In 2021 and with the departure of their in-house director, the hotel expanded their partnership with E|H to provide interim support, manage payroll and oversee their more junior HR administrator.

Our Solution

The same way E|H empowered the hotel’s growing team in 2017, we now provide support for a new team. In a highly effective “plug and play” solution, E|H is able to provide quick, efficient payroll support and interim leadership to the hotel. And at the same time, E|H is also leading a recruiting effort to find a new, permanent HR director.

The Results

E|H is providing training for the existing HR administrator, who will lead the effort on a full compliance audit to ensure best practices are maintained throughout the transition. Leadership training is also considered as a way to build and maintain the unique company culture, and to ensure the success of the new generation of HR leadership there.

“The feeling of seeing this client evolve is incredible—being able to offer our services not once, but twice is a pleasure for me both personally and professionally.”

— E|H consultant

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