Improving digital onboarding compliance for established NYC restaurant group


6 locations and ~250 employees


New York City

Our Challenge

An iconic restaurant group in New York City had recently invested in digital onboarding and HR solutions through Harri. Their goal was to enhance overall employee document compliance after being targeted repeatedly by an aggressive and litigious attorney. The group engaged E|H to assist in the implementation and adoption of Harri’s HR technology, as well as to facilitate compliance training workshops for their managers.

Our Solution

E|H began by conducting an HR discovery to identify the company’s most important and critical compliance gaps. From there, we focused on identifying and correcting employee files as well as implementing processes and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance. E|H’s primary goal was to upskill and empower the GMs to maintain their own files.

The Results

Following a location-by-location approach to reviewing and correcting files, E|H achieved 100% compliance on the company’s I-9s, W-4s, and Notice of Pay Rate forms. Knowing their employee files were finally correct and their managers were equipped to properly onboard employees put the senior leadership at ease. E|H has remained on board as a trusted partner, supporting a variety of related HR projects.

“Working closely with the General Managers and building relationships with them meant they felt comfortable coming to me with questions. It’s a great feeling, being able to provide assistance and help them.”

— E|H consultant

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