People Strategy

Organizational development for a 45-person HR team


8 locations and ~6,500 employees


Major cities cross the U.S.

Our Challenge

A large, multi-state F&B operation faced challenges with high turnover, low employee satisfaction and suboptimal HRIS functionality. The existing HR team of 40+ highly skilled individuals lacked leadership and role clarity, leading to low morale within the HR team, which in turn impacted employees throughout the business. In the past three years alone, six senior HR leaders rotated through the company, which came to E|H seeking help to diagnose the cause of the turnover and to identify a long-term solution.

Our Solution

E|H conducted an eight week assessment of three key areas of their human resources function: the HR organization and governance structure, HRIS functionality and configuration, and general compliance. The goal was to quantify the potential impact of a best-in-class HR function on the company’s costs, productivity and legal risk. The findings yielded a number of actionable results, organized into 42 specific initiatives within eight key areas aimed at systematically improving the company’s HR team. The recommendations were then ranked by impact, cost, and risk of inaction.

The Results

After agreeing to proceed with several of the initiatives identified in the discovery assessment, E|H proceeded to redesign the HR operational model and oversee an HR department reorganization, slashing costs and gaining efficiency. In parallel, E|H also optimized the company’s HRIS by automating administrative processes, updating permission levels and creating a ticketing system to manage technical issues. Employee pulse surveys also were implemented, revealing several main reasons for the low morale; in turn, E|H addressed these by launching targeted initiatives to foster communication and role clarity. Ultimately, these changes were overshadowed by the Covid crisis, but provided the organization with a more streamlined and effective HR team to address the challenges that would come. 

“Impacting an organization on this scale from the corporate level-down was a huge challenge. We developed new tools and methodologies that we continue to use with clients of all sizes.”

— E|H principal

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