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The power of effective onboarding

Six simple reasons your employees stay or go

How often have you puzzled over the abrupt departure of a quality new hire?

Are you, like every New York City restaurant, struggling to hire line cooks?

Your onboarding process is probably to blame.

Glassdoor found that organizations with a strong onboarding process may improve new hire retention by up to 82 percent. In the ‘old days’ in hospitality, onboarding used to consist of, “you are lucky to be here, now get to work.” Perhaps, by way of welcome, a friendly saucepan or two would hurdle towards your head during service.

Thankfully, we are doing better these days. The question is, how much better?

Through our partnership with First Course NYC, New York City’s pilot line cook vocational training program, we recently collected onboarding feedback from new employees at some of the city’s leading restaurant groups. What did we learn?

Onboarding, like a memorable meal, is about simple ingredients executed flawlessly.

  1. Welcome your new employee
  2. Give them a tour
  3. Share the story of the restaurant
  4. Tell them what to expect during training
  5. Give them the tools they need
  6. Pay them on time

In hospitality, we follow recipes meticulously. We are expert practitioners of consistency and attention to detail. It’s time we applied the same sense of exactness and passion to the six simple ingredients above.

Good line cooks are as precious as white Alba truffles – we should treat them that way.

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